Welcome to my page. I created it as a personal project. I wanted to improve my Javascript skills (and Html and Css with that) Welcome I am Ing. Roman Pipík aka Piro Roman Pipik Welcome to my page. I created it as a personal project. I wanted to improve my Javascript skills (and Html and Css with that) Homepage
Skills: Most of my work is in Java. I used Java for frontend, backend, desktop and other special (on iSeries) applications. Java I used various databases. Either as backend databases or ETL-reporting on sql databases. Sql I developed various programs, from reporting to transaction booking on iSeries system. Mostly in RPG-ILE language. RPG-ILE For frontend development I mostly used GWT framework, but I also used other frameworks. GWT
Recently I use Vaadin Framework instead of GWT. While loosing some flexibility on frontend (Custom compontents), Vaadin is well suited for most of web pages. Vaadin I created some desktop applications with Swing framework. One was image processing - photobook application. Other was ordering application for coupons. Swing While I do not use Scala for day to day programming, I admire it a lot and used it in minor works. Scala I used T-SQL for ETL processes - running reporting procedures directly on MS SQL Server T-SQL
There is no escape from Javascript in web development. I created this page to improve my skills in Javascript (without any fancy frameworks) Javascript I used Html a bit in my GWT projects, also here on this page Html I used Css a lot in my GWT and Vaading projects, also here on this page Css My dream - one day I will create a game worth releasing! I did some rending in Swing, but LibGdx is what I aim for LibGdx
Here are some additional things I am skilled in Special/Odd: As an RPG ILE developer I worked for various banks developing central banking applications (Booking, reporting) using banking systems like Midas Central Banking Systems I created UIs for both web and desktop applications UI I worked on ETL processing inside MS SQL server. Generating reports for internal bank usage and for audit by ECB ETL While my game development is still a dream I did use 2D graphics of java Swing/AWT framework to develop graphical editor for creation of photo-book Graphics
I like to refactor my code, so I often try to improve already existing code. Refactoring While I do not do assembler anymore, I used to love it. In high school we used to program 8051 micro controllers. Later in university we did program x86 processors. Assembler While I do not do PLC programming anymore, I used to love it. In high school we used to program Siemens PLCs with ladder diagrams. PLC My diploma thesis was about refactoring of Java with AspectJ - using aspect oriented programing. But I did not use AOP (Aspect oriented programming) after school. AOP - AspectJ
As a kid I spent lot of free time drawing in Corel Draw. Corel Graphics Suite Once I had to create various versions of manual based on target user type, length and locale. Editing multiple word documents was cumberstoneand that helped my interest in LaTeX (After ignoring it since school times). I reworked some of my manuals into one LaTeX document that can create various verions of document based on build parameters. LaTeX
Tools: Stack overflow is great knowledge base. I use it if I failed to find a good solution to something. And trying to ask a good question often resolves an issue before actually posting a question Stack Overflow My preferred IDE is Eclipse Eclipse I use notepad++ as text editor/viewer (when out of scope of Eclipse). Notepad++ Mind mapping tool. While not used often it is a good tool to sort your thoughts. FreeMind
I have a solid knowledge of Microsoft Office tools. Including completition of some ECDL(European computer driving license) certificates. MS Office For any documents, spreadsheets, presentations I want to share or have available online I use Google Documents Google Docs
Here is list of some projects I did and I am truly proud of. Projects: Between 2017-06 - 2018-03 I worked on Vaadin 7 application for scheduling events. Application is used for planning and managing schedule of processes between companies and suppliers. Schedule web app In 2011, still in school I developed desktop Java - Swing application for photo book editation and printing. Photo-book creator desktop app In 2018 I started to develop this page to enhance my HTML, CSS, Javascript skills. This webpage In 2012 I developed Java - Swing desktop application for ordering of food coupons. Coupon ordering desktop app
Most of my free time I spend with family. I am family type of man. Mostyl I like to sit at home and play with the kids. Family I love strategic and tactics game, from "Sims 1" through "World of Tanks" to "Commandos 2 - Destination Paris" Games I prefer books related to life philosophy, from "Bible" to "Jordan Peterson - 12 Rules for Life". For technical reading I use other sources of information. Books I follow various Youtube channels from gaming to life philosophy Youtube
Here are games I do like Games: Real time tactics games like "Commandos 2" or "Shadow Tactics - Blades of a Shogun" are gems between games and good time from my point of view. Real Time Tactics World of Tanks is the only game I play online. I like tactical point of game and tanks. World of Tanks This is the game I play with the kids. Farming with animals and exploring world (Since they do not prefer WoT yet). Minecraft It is hard to pick something else, since games are chaning with age. Other
PS: Not interested in job offers! Loyal employee Focusing on family
Here are some things I plan to add into this webpage Todo: Collapsible sections Javascript playground projects Font awesome integration Hobby movies and books
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